Walla Walla Tool Library

March 7, 2023
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The Walla Walla Tool Library in College Place, Washington, is a valuable community resource that provides access to a wide variety of tools for members to borrow and use for a small membership fee of $25 a year. It is part of the Center for Humanitarian Engagement, a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a better community by empowering individuals to become engaged citizens and leaders. By offering access to tools and resources, the Tool Library encourages people to learn new skills, take on projects, and become more self-sufficient. This helps to strengthen the community and promote a sense of civic responsibility and empowerment.

The Tool Library Unit is a mobile unit Upper Columbia Conference purchased with the help from a grant given by Adventist Community Services, North American Division.

At the ribbon cutting ceremony College Place Mayor Norma Hernandez stated, “Thank-you for benefiting the community, you are making us a better place.” See More