U.S. Border Crisis

June 25, 2018
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The recent humanitarian crisis has left many organizations looking for resolutions to the separation of immigrant children and parents taking place at the Texas-Mexico border. While those in our political leadership discuss what is proper or fair, we have a responsibility to live up to our stated mission within ACS DR “serving communities in Christ name.” The North American Division has called together a number of Ministries who are interested in determining how to best respond as a body in a coordinated way. The ACS DR Team has reached out to some of our local and national partners who work in the Refugee community. Marshall Gonzales, Texas ACS/ACSDR Director, is in communication with some of the local partners such as the Texas VOAD, Emergency Management, and others. We are also in communication with our National partners to find ways on how we can be of service.

There are some activities currently going on at the Border to help those who have been impacted by this crisis. Here is a link that educates us on some of the things taking place. Catholic Charities is the lead organization of the activities on the scene, having worked in this area for the past 15 years. W. Derrick Lea, NAD ACS DR Director, has reached out to them to discuss a possible collaboration. They discussed the Respite Center and Day Care where children and families were being held and all the things associated with keeping them housed, clean, and fed.

Please, let us keep the affected families in our thoughts and prayers as they survive these trying times.