Thrift Store Interest-Free Loan

The ACS Thrift Store Interest-Free Loan is a loan of up to $20,000 made to church-based Adventist thrift store ministries.

No interest will be charged on the unpaid balance.

No collateral will be held on the loan.

Repayment by the thrift store will begin 12 months after the date the loan is approved. Payments will be made quarterly to ACSNA, amortized over a 3-year period until repaid in full. (Approximately $1,700 per quarter on a $20,000 loan).


ACSNA recognizes the unique opportunities for ministries that thrift stores hold and supports their development as part of the ACS family of ministries. Thrift stores might:

  • Create earned income funding for ACS ministries.
  • Offer a place for individuals of any income level to shop alongside each other.
  • Create job training and employment opportunities
  • Allow the community to become part of the greater mission through their purchases and donations
  • Continue to serve the most vulnerable with free goods as needed


Offer funding in the form of a no-interest loan to ACS centers, churches and conferences who wish to open a new thrift store or expand an existing thrift store for ACS ministries.

Applications are accepted twice per year and should include the:

  • ACS Thrift Store Loan application
  • Letter of recommendation from the ACS Director and a Conference administrator.

If the application is approved, then an MOU outlining the terms will be signed by ACSNA, the conference and the church.

A check for the approved amount will be sent to the conference to forward to the appropriate entity.

Loan Application Deadlines April 1st and August 1st each year

Loan Income and Expense Worksheet