Spokane Emergency Management PPE Warehouse

May 11, 2020
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The Spokane County Emergency Management PPE Warehouse has been functioning since the end of March. It is being managed by Andrew McCrary, Joe Urbin, and Jeremy McCombs (all under the required 59 years of age), under the direction of Adventist Community Services. These three gentlemen who have day jobs on the administrative level accepted the challenge asked of ACS to manage this Warehouse that is located in Eastern Washington to inventory and distribute PPEs to hospitals, firemen, police, non-profits, and several other organizations. So far, approximately 1.7 million items have been distributed from the Warehouse which is also assisted by firemen and National Guard. “I call them quiet heroes – working much of the time in isolation in a location unknown by most people, guarded by law enforcement. Thank you men for your service! And their service has not ended yet…,” said Patty Marsh, ACS Director of Upper Columbia Conference. Last Monday, the Warehouse received ten million items! On Tuesday, a young pastor from Northern Idaho who has a great interest in ACS and DR assisted all day with this wife. They both loved being involved by assisting the management team at the Warehouse.