Southern Union ACS Teams Respond to Hurricane Ian

October 6, 2022
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Adventist Community Services is working in cooperation with FEMA, VOAD, and state officials to open a 250,000 square foot Multi-agency Warehouse in Coral Springs, Florida. ACS leadership from the Florida and Southeastern conferences will form the management team at the warehouse to manage the flow of donated goods and ensure they get to the people who need them most.

Lynell LaMountain, ACS Director for the Southern Union, was onsite this week making sure that the process is moving smoothly. Established partnerships and experienced ACS leaders were able to speed the process along to make this one of the quickest openings of an ACS Donated Goods Warehouse in years. In addition to this effort, ACS will be providing other resources such as flood buckets and gift cards, and will possibly be involved in minor repairs to some of the damaged homes.

If you wish to support our efforts, cash donations are always the preferred method of donation.