Saipan Rebuild Program

April 1, 2019
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Our first program in partnership with FEMA on the island of Saipan has started this week. We had been in discussion with FEMA over the past few months on a Rebuild program post Typhoon Yutu that struck Saipan and Tinian last October. The Greater New York and Northeastern ACS DR teams who assisted with the Rebuild programs in Florida and North Carolina after hurricanes Michael and Florence touched down in those areas last year, has volunteered to assist on Saipan. A group of around 30 individuals will be involved in this 4-week Rebuild program which will run through April 26th.

Our volunteers will be divided into three teams. The Assessment Team which will consist of eight members will be deployed in the first week. They will outline the areas on the island where they need to concentrate their efforts, in consultation with FEMA. In the second week, another ten-member Team will join the Assessment Team to begin working onsite replacing roofs, windows, doors, and other repairs. The third Team will join in the last phase of the Program to continue the needed work. Our Hawaii ACS Director, Gerry Mota, is working with the local ACS DR Team to get them better prepared to serve the affected community. Currently, we have about 30 individuals who are certified in Emotional and Spiritual Care who we hope to connect with the local community to provide care and counseling.