Mobile Distribution Trailer Grant

Adventist Community Services (ACS) is a well-respected disaster response organization in the United States with an expertise in donations management and the distribution of emergency supplies. To support this ministry, the North American Division (NAD) ACS Board of Directors has allocated funds that may be used to match funds raised by Conferences or Unions within the United States for the purchase of mobile distribution trailers.

Below, you will find an outline of the process to request funding and obtain a trailer.

  1. Conference/Union completes the ACS Trailer Grant Form
  2. Email proposal to Derrick Lea at
  3. NAD ACS will consider the proposal for funding and notify the Conference/Union of decision
  4. Conference/Union will be contacted by ACS DR personnel to finalize trailer details
  5. A current quote will be requested from the trailer fabricator
  6. To place the trailer order, the Conference/Union must send a 50% down payment to the trailer fabricator
  7. NAD ACS will send the remaining 50% of cost to the requesting Conference/Union
  8. Trailer will be fabricated
  9. Transportation of the trailer from the location of fabricator in New York is the responsibility of the Conference/Union (trailers may be picked up or delivered)
  10. Trailer registration and insurance is the responsibility of the Conference/Union

A choice may be made from one of the following pre-designed trailers (trailer specifications may be requested from NAD ACS DR):

  1. 14′ Trailer Description
  2. 20′ Trailer Description
  3. 28′ Trailer Description
  4. 32′ Trailer Description

Conferences and Unions purchasing a trailer with NAD matching funds will be expected to make their trailers available for disaster response use in other Conferences/Unions under the following guidelines:

  • Receiving Conference/Union must make a request to the sending Conference/Union
  • Transportation arrangements will be made to the satisfaction of the sending Conference/Union
  • Transportation expenses will be the responsibility of the receiving Conference/Union
  • If the receiving Conference/Union uses goods that come with the trailer, they are responsible to pay for the goods or replace the goods to the satisfaction of the sending Conference/Union

**Receiving Conference/Union will be responsible to pay for any damage(s) sustained by the trailer.