Innovation Grant

ACS is a church-based ministry and has been serving communities within the NAD for the past 50 years.  During this time, ACS have developed a level of competency that has led to us being leaders within these areas of service.  ACS will continue working within these areas but will now look to expand the ways we serve within our local communities. Additionally, we encourage our ACS leadership to work with other ministries within the church and other groups to include governmental and nongovernmental partners that have shown interest in collaborative efforts.  This will require that we incorporate additional knowledge, skill and ability that will enable us to serve in a new way. 

Grant Description:
Qualification requires the applicant to be ACS church-based ministry operating within the NAD.

A matching dollar up to $15,000 from local church, conference, union and/or outside organization.

ACS ministries may only apply if referred by their conference ACS Director. A letter of recommendation from the local conference ACS Director must accompany each application.

Funding may be used for operating costs or capital improvements. A progress report will be required after six months.  

Application Guidelines: 

  1. Contact your local Conference ACS Director to advise of your interest in completing an application. A letter of support from Conferences ACS Director is required.
  2. Based on your discussion with ACS Conference Director, work on completing a proposal for submission that includes another ministry and an outside entity
  3. Fill out grant application and send it to:

Full Guidelines (Read for additional criteria and deadlines)