Pastor Gilford Monrose Bio

Gil Monrose is a pastor, philanthropist, and a proud husband and father, renowned for using his platform to bring together people of all diversities. Pastor Monrose proves that a flourishing city is not a soulless one, as he bridges the gap between communities, congregations, government, and law enforcement in his everyday work as the appointed Faith Advisor for the Mayor of New York City to expand the Center For Faith and Community Partnerships. This office builds bridges among City government, diverse religious communities and nonprofit organizations to better serve all New Yorkers. Pastor Monrose is no stranger to his community. He is the Lead Pastor of Mt. Zion Church of God 7th Day and  Founder of two Broooklyn-based nonprofit organizations, The 67th Precinct Clergy Council Inc. “The GodSquad” fighting to end gun violence and the Brooklyn Center for Quality Life. In his many roles, he is always … “Leading, building, and promoting the awakening of a generation of socially conscious and free thinking leaders.” – Pastor Gil Monrose