Pasco Riverview Community Services

April 8, 2020
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The Pasco Riverview Community Services has been serving the Tri-Cities metropolitan area in Washington State for several years. It is located right next to the Riverview Adventist Church. This ACS Center consists of four buildings – a food bank, a small thrift store, a large diaper bank supporting many non-profits and faith-based ministries throughout Tri-Cities, and a storage garage. Their food bank feeds around 1,600 families a month. They continue serving through the COVID-19 pandemic to provide emergency food assistance as demand rises.

On Monday, they received 28 pallets of food. Their food shelves were very bare and they weren’t sure how much food they would get from their single truck load from Second Harvest. However, they ended up receiving three truck loads of non-perishable food items, dog food, and diapers from three different sources. “It was like a fulfillment of the verse in Malachi were it talks about the windows of heaven opening and the blessing being poured out that there is not enough room to receive it,” said Stan Arlt, Co-Director of Pasco Riverview Community Services. Since many of their volunteers are students and older adults, some members of the Washington National Guard have stepped in to help mobilize food distribution in the Pasco community. Read more about it here.