Young Adults in Service (YAS)

A ministry to engage and networks youth and young adults beyond Service Ministries (Ministries of Compassion).  It is fundamentally rooted in the mission statement of ACS: “Serving communities in Christ’s name”.

Through YAS, you are part of an important network of young people throughout North America who develop their leadership skills.  You will engage in random acts of kindness, strategically planned service events, disaster response and emergency relief.  YAS teams seek to develop sustainable community development for the whole community.  Through service you demonstrate compassion, and follow Christ’s example in meeting the temporary and permanent needs of others.  The YAS network consists of affiliations with various schools, youth organizations, Pathfinder Clubs, and youth ministries, and community service groups.

Service examples include:

· community clean up

· community center assistance

· literacy action events

· mass feeding

· child care

· public school volunteer programs

· assistance to senior citizens

· distribute information on healthful living

· distribution of safety information and supplies to disaster affected areas

· special event crosswalk duty or parking

· and more!

YAS Tools and Resouces