Tutoring and Mentoring

What does ACS Tutoring & Mentoring Program do?

ACS Tutoring & Mentoring Program mobilizes voluntary, charitable organizations to meet the learning needs of America’s children and youth, particularly those living in low-income households, single-parent families and neighborhoods where violence and other factors not conducive for learning exist.

Who are ACS Tutoring & Mentoring Program Partners?

ACS Tutoring & Mentoring Program works in partnership with Adventist churches and leaders, public and private schools, colleges and universities, public libraries, civic organizations, community residents and volunteers to organize and develop literacy and mentoring programs for at-risk children. It also partners with America’s Promise-The Alliance for Youth, a national initiative to nurture young people.

How is ACS Tutoring & Mentoring Program Effective?

ACS Tutoring & Mentoring Program provides early intervention in the lives of disadvantaged children and youth who face learning challenges by supplying individual support, care and guidance that can help them achieve academic success. By cultivating trustworthy relationships, the tutor and/or mentor serves as a medium for the child to receive the resources necessary for their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth.

Services Provided

ACS Tutoring & Mentoring Program provides educational services to children and at-risk youth through:

  • Tutorial Sites – programs accessible to children of all ages regardless of race, language, gender, or religious affiliation that are dedicated to developing their learning skills.
  • English as a Second Language classes – courses where instruction is given to young and adult learners who speak limited English.
  • Computer Training – courses that provide instruction for how to use computers and enhance professional skills and development.
  • Mentoring Programs – training that provides youth with positive support to achieve high levels of personal development as they go through the stages of life.

Tutoring & Mentoring Tools