1. SeniorsMatter – an online educational service offering caregivers with guidance, training, tools, and etc. on assisting the elderly and providing long-term quality care.

2. Online Forum allows for individuals to share information, exchange ideas, and get answers to questions related to senior caregiving.

3. Lotsa Helping Hands – makes caregiver support simple and efficient by creating a Care community.

4. Church Support for Caregivers – here are 7 quick ideas of how churches can support caregivers.

5. A Family’s Guide to Hiring the Right Senior Caregiver – This extensive guide will guide you through the process of hiring help at home, along with steps to consider when searching for quality home care to help you get rolling!

6. End of Life Conversation 

7. Caregiver Ministry Resources – Adventist Possibility Ministries

8. Bereavement for Spousal Loss: Wholeness in our Brokenness

9. Caring for Aging Parents – Real Family Talk (Hope Channel) -Willie and Elaine Oliver talk with Kimberly Rosales, a social work health care consultant and LCSW-C psychotherapist about things to think about when caring for aging parents and with Dawn Venn, who is the caregiver for her 92-year-old mother.

NOTE: SCAM ALERT – Nanny and Caregiver Imposter Scams