Older Adult Ministry

This ministry promotes Christ-centered, practical and sustainable solutions to successful holistic aging. It coordinates education and services related to aging, health, finance, and social issues for older adults in the church and community in collaboration with community-based elder care programs that nurture body, mind and spirit. Its purpose is to encourage the active participation of leaders in thinking, dreaming and planning about programs by, with, for, and to older adults.

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Janet Bodnar, in a June, 2021, Kiplinger Personal Finance column, emphasizes the benefits of volunteering.  When considering volunteering, focus on activities that make use of your talents or pique your interest.  Be on the lookout for opportunities, especially in the public sector.

Don’t over commit.  Choose something that allows flexibility if you’d like to travel or have regular family commitments.

Volunteering is an excellent way to respond to loneliness and isolation.  It is a benefit to both oneself and to those who benefit from your action.

Sail Program – One example of ACS

What did two ladies get involved with in Airway Heights? A program to help seniors develop their core muscles so they will not fall so easily. Watch how much fun this is for the community!