Emotional and Spiritual Care

Crisis intervention is a temporary, but active and supportive entry into the life of individuals or groups during a period of extreme stress. Its goals are to mitigate the impact of the ­event, facilitate recovery processes in people who are having normal reactions to abnormal events, and to restore to adaptive function. Crisis intervention in its basic form is like psychological first aid and is not counseling or psychotherapy.

This ministry equips pastoral, mental health professionals, and church volunteers to assist not only in large mega disasters, but also the smaller crises within their community. Why not volunteer as a police or fire service chaplain or during other local community disasters such as after a home fire? Beyond disasters, you can be deployed as an ACS Emotional and Spiritual Care volunteer. Each situation to which you are deployed provides an opportunity to provide appropriate emotional and spiritual care for traumatized survivors. The ACS Emotional and Spiritual Care credential is International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (ICISF) certified and exceeds National Volunteers Active in Disaster (NVOAD) standards. Why not become empowered as an ACS Crisis Care Provider and volunteer beyond the “Disaster”?

**Please contact your local conference to schedule an Emotional & Spiritual Care class.

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