Course Descriptions

Theological Concepts of Holistic Ministry
Presenter: Sung Kwon

This course aims to lay a foundation for understanding appropriate goals and strategies for social innovators and organizations in collaboration with churches and ministries to address social challenges. Participants will explore how to live out the restorative justice implications of the Gospel when addressing the social, cultural, political, and spiritual dimensions of the often complex problems faced by neighborhoods, communities, and societies. 

Fundamentals of a Successful Nonprofit Sector
Presenter: Sung Kwon

The purpose of this course is to focus on strategies for leading and executing social innovation. The course will review nonprofit standards of excellence, organizational theory, leadership perspectives and practices, and organizational change and collaboration. Participants will examine the distinctive leadership challenges inherent in creating social innovation, and participants will discuss principles and procedures for the W.  K.  Kellogg Logic Model development.

Navigating Non-Profit Finances
Presenter: Randy Robinson

Will give the listener information regarding important financial metrics, reporting information, what information to track, key information for financial success and how to avoid financial failure, and more.

Building a Better Board
Presenter: Colette Newer

Nonprofits are required to have a board, but many don’t understand their role and purpose. Because of this, boards are often an under-utilized asset in ministry. 

Building a Better Board covers the purpose of a board, how to be a good board member, and tips to make the most of the work your board does. By the end of the session, you will have insight into building a well-functioning board which can strengthen the organization and increase your ministry impact.

Nonprofit Fundraising 101
Presenter: Michael J. Brown

This session is for ACS members and leaders that want to take their fundraising to the next level.  Participants will: (1) Learn best practices for raising financial support for special projects and annual campaigns (2) Understand how to craft a case for support (3) Practice how to effectively make a major donor “ask” and (4) Thoroughly understand how to plan and implement the fundraising process. 

Nonprofit Legal Issues
Presenter: Karnik Doukmetzian

This course is designed to address the legal fundamentals nonprofits will face in the workplace, with particular emphasis on using volunteers and management relations with employees. Participants will learn tactics and skills needed in contract negotiation and conflict resolution and the potential liabilities which can impact your nonprofit operation.

Assess for Success
Presenter: Derek Lane

Is your ministry or organization in need of an “organizational check-up?” Are you acquainted with the 8 essential benchmarks for measuring organizational success? 
Explore the steps to get started and receive an effective, yet simple tool, developed by the presenter, to help move your ministry or organization from crisis-mode to greater efficiency and sustainability. 

Outcome # 1 – To identify the 3 Biblical keys for organizational sustainability
Outcome # 2 -To secure an organizational assessment tool that identifies the 8 essential
benchmarks for measuring growth.

Grant-writing 101: Tips & Tools
Presenter: Derek Lane

Looking for resources and funding to sustain your ministry or non-profit? If so, this workshop is for you. It covers the basics of grant-writing and fundraising. Learn about developing a “boilerplate” and engaging in strategic partnerships and collaborations. This workshop is especially designed for ministries with limited staffing or little to no experience in fundraising. Overcome the fear and intimidation often associated with fundraising work and walk away with tips and tools to get started.

Outcome # 1 – To understand “pre-grant” essentials & fundraising basics

Outcome # 2 – To become familiar with online tools to identify funding opportunities in your geographical service area.