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Community Services & Urban Ministry Certification Program

This community-based program which is also now available in Spanish, Portuguese, and French equips participants to be engaged with critical service learning to create a sustainable impact in their communities. The curriculum contains 15 modules with teaching notes and a PowerPoint presentation that instructors anywhere in the world can adapt and present to local members who desire to be better equipped to serve their communities. This curriculum lays the groundwork for comprehensive community-based ministry, where it be from a local church or from a nonprofit organization.



Disaster Response Certification Program

The purpose of this 4-module course is to provide individuals with an overview of how ACS responds to disasters and how you can become a volunteer. You will understand ACS Disaster Response (DR) operations in regards to disasters and other crisis events, with whom ACS DR coordinates and cooperates, ACS DR organizational structure and job descriptions, and how to volunteer and deploy to a disaster assignment. This is the first of several courses to prepare leaders and skilled volunteers for disaster response. A resource document is located in Module 1 explaining all certificate courses for Disaster Response.



Facilitator Course

By the end of this course you will have the skills necessary to facilitate the in-person portion of a Blended Learning approach in the classroom, meeting room, or boardroom. Blended Learning provides a rich combination of self-directed (on-line) and face-to-face learning. You will learn skills to foster great conversations, discovery, and critical thinking. As a great facilitator, you will help create a dynamic collaborative learning experience where learners can master content application, information synthesis and contextualization. This course is set up to explore 3 basic concepts of facilitation: the facilitator as architect, as pilot, and as guide.



Understanding and Implementing Fundraising

This Philanthropic Service for Institutions (PSI) 5-series course focuses on understanding the current best practices in fundraising for pastors, churches and their organizations and projects. The content is based on solid principles that are both biblically based and reflect today’s requirements for success. Participants will learn to understand and share the Biblical base for fundraising, identify what donors are available and how they should be approached, use the various tools for fundraising, put in place necessary infrastructures for good tracking, reporting and donor relations, and implement the appropriate campaign to meet needs.



Course Descriptions

Theological Concepts of Holistic MinistryPresenter: Sung Kwon This course aims to lay a foundation for understanding appropriate goals and strategies for social innovators and organizations…

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