Northeastern Conference ACS COVID-19 Efforts

June 18, 2020
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Northeastern Conference ACS has been actively serving their local communities in light of the COVID-19 coronavirus, under the leadership of the conference ACS Director, Pr. Mario Augustave. All of their ACS centers remained open and fully staffed while New York State became the epicenter of the war against the virus. Besides providing free food through soup kitchens and food pantries, they’re also offering free COVID-19 testing for the entire community every Sunday.

They became the first organization to operate a mobile COVID-19 testing in the state, resulting in them being appointed by New York City as the official tester of over 55 homeless shelters. The Conference maintains regular weekly testing of their ACS volunteers who want to get tested. Northeastern Conference ACS is also running a Warming Center for the homeless community in Newhaven, Connecticut. “Our volunteers continue to work hard. From our drivers to our frontline nurses, physicians, food pantries, and cooks who prepare the meals for our senior and homeless communities in the tri-state area,” said Pr. Augustave.

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