NLS Workshops

Derek Lane, Director
Adventist Community Services Washington Conference of SDA

Six Keys to Community Engagement

Is your ministry or organization in need of an “organizational check-up?” Are you acquainted with the 8 essential benchmarks for measuring organizational success? 
Explore the steps to get started and receive an effective, yet simple tool, developed by the presenter, to help move your ministry or organization from crisis-mode to greater efficiency and sustainability. 
Outcome # 1 – To identify the 3 Biblical keys for organizational sustainability
Outcome # 2 -To secure an organizational assessment tool that identifies the 8 essentials benchmarks for measuring growth.

BIO: Derek Lane has served as an ordained minister until 2007, when he launched the Lane Consulting Group which provides grant writing workshops, and capacity building services for churches, community groups and faith-based organizations throughout the United States. He has launched scores of nonprofit agencies and secured over 20 million dollars in funding for clients. He has also served at the North American Division as a fundraising grant writing consultant for PSI department.

Currently he is pastoring at the Maranatha Church in Seattle, Washington, and also serves as the Washington Conference Outreach Ministries Director.

He is married to Mae Aldridge-Lane and they have four adult children and one grandchild, Ms. Zoe Abigail.

Randy Robinson, Retired NAD Treasurer

Navigating Non-Profit Finances

Participants will learn:
1. How to read a financial statement
2. Misconceptions about non-profits
3. Managing donations and much more

BIO: Randy Robinson has worked in the Seventh-day Adventist Church for over 40 years and is the recently retired Treasurer of the North American Division. He has served as treasurer in several conferences, the Southern Union, and the North American Division. After retirement at the end of 2023, Randy and his wife Denise moved to Central Florida. They have two grown and married sons, Jason and Brandon.

Paulo Macena, Director NAD Leadership

Blueprints for Success: Mastering Strategic Planning

Participants will learn:

1. Attendees will learn essential strategic planning tools, such as SWOT analyses, setting objectives, and developing strategies, to better analyze and understand their ministries/business environments.

2. The course develops attendees’ ability to anticipate future trends, adapt to changing environments, and make decisions that ensure long-term success.

3. Participants will learn how to effectively implement strategies, set achievable goals, align resources, and measure progress to meet strategic objectives.

BIO: Paulo Macena was born and raised in Brazil. He has been serving the church for more than 25 years in Canada and in the United States. He also served as a Youth Ministries Director in the New Jersey Conference. Dr. Macena is the founder of the Adventist Leadership Institute and the Urban Life Center, a center of influence located in Baltimore. Currently, he is the Leadership Director for the North American Division. He holds an M.A. in Youth Ministry and a Doctor of Ministry in Leadership, both from Andrews University. He is also an Independent Certified Coach, Teacher, Trainer, and Speaker with the John Maxwell Team. He is also the author of the books The Missing Power, published by the General Conference Ministerial Association and the Mentorship Guide.

Michelle Doucoumes, Associate Professor of Business, Southern Adventist University/Ministry Consultant

Making Your Voice Heard

Description: Are you struggling to amplify your organization’s voice in today’s crowded marketplace? Does marketing feel like a daunting task, leaving you uncertain about where to invest your limited resources? This seminar may not offer tech hacks to get you to 1 million social media followers next week. But it will help you to look at the big picture and use your resources most effectively to reach the people you need.  Learn the fundamentals of how to:

1. Identify and segment your target audience(s) for maximum reach

2. Align your marketing strategy and your strategic goals

3. Create a comprehensive marketing plan and funnel – on a limited budget!

4. Provide value and build trust

BIO: Michelle Doucoumes has served as an associate professor in the School of Business at Southern Adventist University for the past seven years.  She has led Southern’s Institute of Ethical Leadership and Enactus social entrepreneurship program while teaching courses in Entrepreneurship, Small Business Management, Project Management, and more.  Previously, Michelle led and taught Bible work and evangelism for various mission schools.  Her passion is to unite business and mission to see ministries thrive.  She is spending this next year pursuing that passion, teaching and consulting with ministries around the world.

W. Derrick Lea, Executive Director, Adventist Community Services
North American Division

Building High Performing Teams!

Participants will learn:
Coming soon!

BIO: W. Derrick Lea serves as the Associate Director of North American Division Adventist Community Services. His responsibilities focus on the Disaster Response, Emotional & Spiritual Care, and Young Adults Emergency Services Corps Ministries.  He retired as Deputy Chief over operations after 20.5 years of service for the Prince George’s Country Fire/ EMS Department in 2011. Using the background developed in Public Safety, he began consulting and creating Development Plans for organizations. This led to the largest Muslim organization in the United States, Islamic Relief USA asking him to lead their effort in forming a Disaster Response Team.

Derrick has been married for 20 plus years, has two adult children, and his favorite Bible verse is Proverbs 3:6, in all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy paths.