NLCP Workshops

Colette Newer, Associate Director
Adventist Community Services
North American Division

Posture of Service

Are you satisfied with the results of your ACS ministry? Dig deeper into holistic service and how we can shift our focus to bring new outcomes from ministry. We will explore the four strategies of service, and keys to using them for impactful programs that change lives.

James Winegardner, Director
Adventist Risk Management

Risk Management

This course will review the fundamentals of risk management and insurance strategies needed in a nonprofit organization. Participants will learn to develop the skills needed or implementing an effective approach to analyzing and managing risks in the workplace and during outreach activities in their communities.

Ingrid Weiss Slikkers
Assistant Professor of Social Work and Executive Director of the International Center for Trauma Education Care, Andrews University

Why is everyone taking about trauma? Responding to Trauma while Serving


After attending this course:

  1. Participants will have an understanding of trauma, the impact on the brain, behaviors and relationships.
  2. Participants will gain a greater understanding of the intersections of faith and science and the key role of relationships for healing.
  3. Participants will develop trauma aware skills useful in working within organizations, communities, and directly with individuals. 
Michael Brown, Director
Philanthropic Service for Institutions
North American Division


This session is for ACS members and leaders that want to take their fundraising to the next level.  Participants will: (1) Learn best practices for raising financial support for special projects and annual campaigns (2) Understand how to craft a case for support (3) Practice how to effectively make a major donor “ask” and (4) Thoroughly understand how to plan and implement the fundraising process.

Derek Lane, ACS Director
Washington Conference

Measuring Your Organizational Health

The purpose of the NLCP is to educate ministry leaders on best practices for leading and managing their ministry. Are you looking to grow the organizational and financial capacity of your ministry/organization? Are you seeking to make a greater impact on your community or service area?
If so, this workshop is for you. It covers the basics of what it takes to grow and move from start-up to long-term sustainability. Explore an effective yet simple tool, developed by the presenter, to help identify organizational strengths and areas which may be impeding growth. Identify the most important “next steps” to take your organization/ministry to the next level.