Newport Sewing Projects

March 30, 2020
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Newport SDA Church’s former ACS thrift store in Newport, Washington, is currently being utilized as a sleep/rest area by the staff of the Newport hospital responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. At the request of a local member, the church pastor’s wife Becky Anderson has been coordinating the sewing of special masks and fabric gowns for health workers to wear over the limited supply of plastic PPE. Both the masks and gowns can be washed and reused. Over 100 masks and 50 gowns have been requested. Becky is also involved with the making of a plastic disposable prototype of a Gown for the health workers to wear. All three of these items were enthusiastically received by the COVID-19 incident commander at the Newport hospital. Becky has around 25 dedicated workers taking part in these sewing projects.