NAD ACS Awarded $250,000 Grant for Food Programs

January 21, 2021
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North American Division Adventist Community Services (NAD ACS) has been supporting the food programs of local ACS food pantries in our conferences within the Division amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Last year, we invested 1.5 million dollars and allocated a grant of $25,000 per conference for COVID-19 food relief efforts. An additional $500,000 was provided for Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) and buckets.

This year, NAD ACS received a grant in the amount of $250,000 from a foundation to assist ACS food pantries. In order to maximize the efforts, we have decided to match the funds totaling $500,000. This grant will be distributed to conferences to support ACS food pantries serving millions of people and providing relief to communities.

“As we look back, God has been with us in this challenging journey and has provided resources and guidance; as we are looking forward, we believe that God will always be with us, and ACS volunteers will continue to be relevant and make a difference in their communities,” stated Sung Kwon, Executive Director of NAD ACS.

“ACS has been blessed to develop wonderful relationships with those who work throughout the year in various arenas.  Because ACS has shown a consistency and competency in what we do for the community, we are trusted in times of crisis by governmental, non-Governmental and private companies alike to faithfully assist those that have needs.  I am proud to partner with our colleagues in service during this most challenging of times around the NAD,” stated Derrick Lea, Disaster Response Director of NAD ACS.