Maui Fire ACS Response Update

August 16, 2023
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Update 8/24/23

“Actions speak louder than words,” shared Mark Tamaleaa, sporting an ACS Disaster Response Jacket and a hat with “Love More” emblazoned across it. Mark and his ACS teams have been on the ground in Maui from the beginning of the wildfire emergency. They’ve cooked and served hot meals door to door, battened down roofs and shared how to access resources with people, still in shock by what has happened.

The Hawaii ACS team is diverse, speaking multiple languages, able to break down barriers and connect with many neighbors. They are in the process of acquiring upgraded equipment so they can offer mobile showers and laundry services then sit and love on people over high-quality meals cooked by the Aunties.

“I’m excited about the ACS team working in Hawaii. We have professionals doing a professional job. We praise God for the connections happening between the community, VOAD, Hawaii Conference and other officials to bring relief to the people of Maui,” says Leon Brown, ACS Director for Pacific Union Conference. 

The islands have been inundated by donated goods to the point that hundreds of containers are tying up precious port space. As is always true in the early phases of a disaster, cash donations are best.

Posted 8/21/23 – Hawaii Official Update (

From:  W. Derrick Lea, NAD ACS Executive Director

Re:       Update as of August 15, 2023

Recovery efforts in Hawaii continue to take shape as Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations join hands to support those affected.  This effort continued Monday morning, as ACS along with over 150 groups discussed the status of Recovery in Maui. The Hawaii Governor yesterday issued an order restricting the rental of rooms to those that are residents of Maui.  This will enable those displaced to be able to obtain lodging. To that end, ACS continues to provide shelter for over 50 individuals that have been forced to leave their homes.  Currently, we are providing lodging, food and Emotional Spiritual Care to these individuals.

In addition to providing this much needed service, ACS has been asked to work with the Donations section out of the Emergency Operations Command Center in Maui. 

As of Monday August 15, fires continue burning in 3 locations and 4,890 residents are currently without power.  Our Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is assisting these efforts as well with 250 employees on island at present. 

ACS will continue participating in the daily conference call that is taking place each morning over the next few weeks. Yesterday morning, ACS Disaster Response held a conference call to discuss relief efforts in the coming days. 

The support received had been appreciated. As suggested since the first day of this event, cash is best, and donations can be made via the following: