Hurricane and Typhoon Relief Update

October 30, 2018
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A team of 21 individuals from the Northeastern Conference joined our ACS Disaster Response forces on the ground in Florida to support the Southeastern, Florida, South Central, Gulf States, and Georgia-Cumberland Conferences responding to Hurricane Michael, presently. The State Warehouse in Tallahassee has now been operational for almost two weeks. Pastor Daniel Hoover (Arkansas-Louisiana Conference) and Charlene Sargent (Pacific Union Conference) are lending their support to the operations at the Warehouse. A County Warehouse in the State of Georgia, and Distribution Sites in Panama City and in the surrounding communities are also functioning. We are also meeting the needs of the affected residents by cleaning debris from homes and properties.

While this work continues, we are still occupied with our Guam-Micronesia Mission in support of those affected on the Islands of Saipan and Tinian by Typhoon Yutu. Several areas on both the Islands are still suffering from power outage. We have been working with our local ACS Director Max Mays and his Team to find ways on how we can best serve the affected communities. Supplies have been bought and sent to our volunteers on the ground to be distributed to the survivors. Currently, we are in discussions with FEMA and the local VOAD about the developing needs and while help is being finalized, we are working amongst ourselves and partnering with others that are able to bring resources to bear on this crisis event.