Gateway Grace Dental Clinic at PACS

November 10, 2021
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How does a visit to the dentist make you feel?

By: Colette Newer, Associate Director of Adventist Community Services at the North American Division

Carol answered the phone and heard “You have to see me, it is the law!” This was a call to Gateway Grace Dental Clinic in Portland, Oregon from a potential client, frustrated by her previous experiences with care providers. Carol’s reply took the caller aback, “We would love to see you! Let’s make sure you qualify.” The woman called back an hour later in tears, apologizing for her initial behavior.

Teeth aren’t the only thing the dental center considers as they interact with their patients. As low-income patients, many have had negative experiences with care providers, but the caller, as well as many others, have expressed their surprise about how pleasant their experience was at Gateway Grace. It is a testament to the intentional care given by the staff to making each patient’s experience uplifting, as well as healing.

Gateway Grace is a service of Portland Adventist Community Services (PACS) who also operates a food pantry, mobile food distribution, and thrift store.