ACS Offering – December 10, 2022

ACS offers hope and healing in Christ’s name

Your offering to Adventist Community Services keeps volunteers serving communities across the North American Division. Whether distributing food and clothes, welcoming refugees, teaching life skills, or offering showers to the unsheltered, ACS fulfills Christ’s mission to reach people by meeting needs and making communities places of wholeness. Plan now to give at your church on December 10 or give here online.

We want to thank everyone for your dedicated ongoing support to our ministry, whether it is through sacrificial giving, volunteering, or prayers. May God richly bless you all. –NAD ACS Team

Your Gift Makes Stories Like this Happen

A man beaten down physically by rains came to our Food Pantry for clothes and food. He was wearing a thin jacket, no shirt or socks, and we were able to serve him. He was so happy to receive the clothes that he put them on in the parking lot. Then, he sat in the parking lot and ate an entire 16 oz. jar of peanut butter. He left a little more full, dressed, and hopeful than when he arrived. Thank God for the Better Living Center. (Spokane, Washington)
This is only one story of many that is a result of Adventist Community Services Centers around the North American Division that commit to serving God’s children.