Escanaba ACS Food Pantry in Michigan

April 14, 2020
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Escanaba ACS Food Pantry, located in Escanaba, Michigan is one of the only Food Pantries in the Upper Peninsula. Being that it is the one of the only, they engage in mobile food pantries to different counties also to reach those who are in need. Director Robin Wycoff reported that they had over 1200 families last week that lined up for miles to come and get food that they needed. She says, “It was such an amazing, yet sad day; they served so many but had to also turn away just as much because they ran out of food.” They are currently working with Feeding America and are seen as the main point of getting food to people in the Upper Peninsula. They have been asked to step up by the Feeding America CEO when other pantries have either shut down or are unable to open due to fear. Without any hesitation, Robin expressed her willingness to step in and continue serving the community in this pandemic. The Escanaba Food Pantry currently operates on Mondays and Fridays, and will run three mobile pantries in April and May.

“Don’t you just praise God for our Escanaba team! Also thank you Pastor Daniel Rodriguez as he supports and serves his ACS Food Pantry! I am just praising the Lord more and more everyday for this work!!,” said Chelli Ringstaff, Director of Community Service/Disaster Response, Michigan Conference.

Here is a link to a news story on the Escanaba ACS Food Pantry.