NLCP Course Descriptions

NLCP Course Descriptions: August 2-4, 2021

Community Assessment / Impactful Leadership Development

Derrick Lea, Director of North American Division Adventist Community Services: You want to make a difference, and that’s great! But where do you begin? What community am I looking to impact? What dilemma do I want to solve? What societal issue do I want to address? What approach fits within my organization? How do I get buy-in? This workshop will support you in examining your organizations mission; identifying the community or societal issue to be addressed as it aligns with your mission; understanding the approaches to conducting a community needs assessment; identifying available resources and models of impact or engagement; as well as exploring ways you might garner buy-in from your leadership, your employees, and/or the community in which you want to serve.

Urban Mission and Ministry: Jesus in the City

Skip Bell, Professor of Church Leadership in the Department of Christian Ministry at Andrews University: The course will present ways to interpret and define the city. It will combine theology and sociology and explore how we practice mission in the midst of the urban reality of where and how people live. The city’s complexity can be overwhelming and this session will assist the participants in wrestling with the urban worldview and the various urban systems.

Ministering Cross-Culturally

Erich Baumgartner, Professor of School of Education at Andrews University: In an increasingly multicultural world, cultural differences are brought right to our doorsteps. But bringing people from different cultures together not only means the potential for creativity and diversity but also the threat of cultural clashes. For this reason, today’s organizations desperately need leaders who are aware of their own biases, lead with intercultural sensitivity and have the ability to navigate the complex issues that arise out of cultural differences. It is no longer enough to be yourself and to lead with good intentions without paying attention to the different ways people view life and solve problems. This course helps leaders understand some of the fundamental ways cultures differ and how to deal with these differences in culturally sensitive ways.

Inspirational Leadership Development

Derrick Lea, Director of North American Division Adventist Community Services: Leading like Jesus is becoming increasingly more difficult in today’s postmodern, secular world. This workshop will provide Biblical insights into how, we as leaders, can successfully run our businesses or ministries without compromising our faith. In addition, we will highlight varying examples of others who are successfully leading in today’s secular world and discuss the implications for our own practices as Adventist leaders.

Conflict Management

Jonathan Park, Executive Secretary of Southeastern California Conference: Conflict Management is designed to address the legal fundamentals nonprofits will face in the workplace, with particular emphasis on using volunteers and management relations with employees. Participants will learn tactics and skills needed in contract negotiation and conflict resolution and the potential liabilities which can impact your nonprofit activities.

This course teaches how to manage change, conflict and growth in nonprofit organizations. Participants will explore team-based strategies for implementing change, addressing risk and the possibility of failure and fostering entrepreneurial growth. This course also addresses the complex challenges that emerge in building cohesive teams and organizations that integrate its diversity for positive results.

Human Resources and Volunteer Engagement

Lori Yingling, Director of Human Resources at the General Conference: The course will examine basic Human Resource management issues, such as strategic workforce planning, hiring, training, personnel evaluation, and compensation from the perspective with nonprofit organizations with their mix of paid staff and volunteers. This course will also deal with volunteer management by identifying new and creative ways to find, recruit, train, and nurture volunteers. It will give models for helping volunteers become advocates for the organization. Participants will explore ways to partner with corporations, schools, religious and social organizations to find volunteers and integrate them with full-time staff for successful service delivery.

Marketing and Communication

Kristi Jensen, Communications Coordinator for Adventist-laymen’s Services and Industries: This engaging and interactive workshop will walk you through the art of effective communication. Learn how to use storytelling to connect with your audience and customers and to better market your idea, product, or service. Walk away with practical tips and daily exercises you can use to become a more effective communicator and marketer.

Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Philip Baptiste, Secretary/Treasurer of Adventist-laymen’s Services and Industries: This course will present how to use entrepreneurial skills to craft innovative responses to social programs through ways that promote the organization, create awareness, and cultivate long-term relationships with stakeholders, including donors. Participants will learn how to use social entrepreneurship to strengthen the organization and lay the groundwork for a development program.

Strategic Leadership Development (3 hours)

Derrick Lea, Director of North American Division Adventist Community Services: This workshop will provide the tools and confidence you need to put your business or ministry’s values into action. This interactive and personalized session will provide the opportunity for you to strategically planning at least one initiative or approach that will meaningfully address a community or societal need according to the Biblical principles of intent (Proverbs 16:3), impact (Isaiah 61:1), and integrity (Colossians 3:23).