4Q Leadership Development

The 4Q Leadership Development is brought to you in partnership between the North American Division Adventist Community Services and The Great Courses to equip and develop leadership competencies in the following four areas. Continued Education Units (CEUs) and online certification will be available for each course. Upon completion of all 11 courses, individuals will obtain online certification in 4Q Leadership Development.




  1. Transformational Leadership: How Leaders Change Teams, Companies, and Organizations (3.0 CEUs) 24 lectures
    By: Professor Michael A. Roberto – Bryant University
    Cost: $24.95
    Contrary to what you may have heard, great leaders aren’t born. They’re made. The ability to effectively lead teams, transform entire organizations, and achieve ambitious goals comes not from an inherent set of personality traits but from the mastery of a specific set of skills essential to the success of leaders at many levels and in many fields.
  2. Influence: Mastering Life’s Most Powerful Skill (1.5 CEUs) 12 lectures
    By: Professor Kenneth G. Brown – The University of Iowa
    Cost: $14.95
    Influence and persuasion aren’t just abstract concepts of interest exclusive to psychologists and sociologists. Rather, they’re a fundamental part of your everyday life. Whether you realize it or not, you’re constantly surrounded by people and groups trying to influence the way you think, act, and feel.
  3. Strategic Thinking Skills (3.0 CEUs) 24 lectures
    by Professor Stanley K. Ridgley – Drexel University
    Cost: $24.95
    Strategic thinking is a powerful and invaluable skill, one that leads to greater chances of success in your professional and personal projects. It involves setting goals, developing long-range plans, anticipating the unexpected, analyzing your environment, and even cooperating with your competitors.


  1. Boosting Your Emotional Intelligence (3.0 CEUs) 24 lectures
    By: Professor Jason M. Satterfield – University of California, San Fransisco
    Cost: $24.95
    We have all had experiences with people that prove that those with the highest IQs are not always the most successful. For example, the technology wizard who’s never been promoted because he isn’t a team player. Or the tenured professor who has no idea why her grown children avoid her. These exceptionally bright individuals with recognized talent in their fields may fail to reach their own career, personal, or financial goals.
  2. Passions: Philosophy and the Intelligence of Emotions (3.0 CEUs) 24 lectures
    By: Professor Robert Solomon – The University of Texas at Austin
    Cost: $24.95
    Fear, joy, grief, love, hate, pride, shame. We all have emotions, and we recognize emotions in others. But do we really understand what emotions are and what they signify? The more we puzzle over the nature of emotions, the deeper the mystery becomes. It is a mystery that is by no means solved, but one that repays careful, philosophical analysis.
  3. Why You Are Who You Are: Investigations into Human Personality (3.0 CEUs) 24 lectures
    By: Professor Mark Leary – Duke University
    Cost: $24.95
    Why does a simple incident like a traffic jam affect you the way it does? What makes you act the way you do around your friends and family? Why do you often see the world so differently from the way other people see it? The answer to these questions and more really comes down to one thing: your personality.


  1. Art of Critical Decision Making (3.0 CEUs) 24 lectures
    By: Professor Michael A. Roberto – Bryant University
    Cost: $24.95
    Whether simple or complex, private or public, decisions are an essential part of your life. Not only do decisions affect your own life for good or ill, they can also affect the lives of your friends, your family, and your community. Indeed, the ability to make wise, educated decisions is essential to living a successful and fulfilled life.
  2. Art of Conflict Management: Achieving Solutions for Life, Work, Beyond (3.0 CEUs) 24 lectures
    By: Professor Michael Dues – University of Arizona
    Cost: $24.95
    Conflict is everywhere, something we all experience on a regular basis. Whether it’s learning that your spouse has a different kind of vacation in mind than you do or that your boss’s idea of your job differs from your own, conflict is simply an inevitable aspect of human relationships. As desirable as it might seem, there’s just no way to live a conflict-free life.
  3. Effective Communication Skills (3.0 CEUs) 24 lectures
    By: Professor Dalton Kehoe – York University
    Cost: $24.95
    Talk is something you do every day. And your life is literally shaped by it. Many of the decisions you make are decided by talking. You may be in a restaurant asking a waiter for a substitution, urging a service manager to get your car finished sooner, or trying to sway your significant other toward a particular film or show. Or you might be trying to build more cooperative relationships at the office.


  1. Customs of the World: Using Cultural Intelligence to Adapt, Wherever You Are (3.0 CEUs) 24 lectures
    By: Professor David Livermore – Cultural Intelligence Center
    Cost: $24.95
    You’ve heard it before: When in Rome, do as the Romans do. The concept of cultural adaptation is hardly new. But is it always the best approach? In our increasingly globalized world, the need for cross-cultural understanding has never been more essential to our success in life, both personally and professionally—yet how can we possibly adapt to all the cultures surrounding us?
  2. Understanding Nonverbal Communications (1.5 CEUs) 12 lectures
    By: Professor Mark G. Frank – University at Buffalo, The State University of New York
    Cost: $14.95
    Posture. Eye contact and blinking. Gestures. Tone and pitch. Gait. Body type and clothing choices. How much of our communication is nonverbal? Many people have heard the claim that 93% of what we express is conveyed through nonverbal communication. This idea has changed our thinking in the way we view and interpret our interactions with others.

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