Deployment Protocol

Disaster Response (DR) Teams are set up in conferences throughout the Division. When a Disaster takes place in a local area, it is the local Church ACS Disaster Response team that will confer with their Conference Director to advise of the role the local team can play. When support is needed, it will be the Conference Director that will coordinate any additional ACS DR support. On those occasions when the need overwhelms the Conference Resources, the Conference Director will solicit assistance from the Union Director and/or the NAD ACS DR Director as appropriate.

Emotional and Spiritual Care Providers I and II will be part of a Division wide team upon certification being given from NAD ACS. When help is needed that calls for rendering care from this team the following steps will be taken:

  1. Local, Conference and/or Union ACS Directors will advise the NAD ACS DR Director for a request for our services by State or National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters (VOAD) representatives, Emergency Management authorities, Nonprofit Governmental Organizations (NGOs) participating in Recovery efforts.
  2. A determination will be made as to who responds.
  3. The number of team members needed will be defined.
  4. The cost of the deployment will be discussed.
  5. The duration of the deployment will be stated.
  6. A list of volunteers for deployment will be prepared by the Conference Director and delivered to the Union and National Director for approval.