Disaster & Famine Relief

You’ve read the news and watched the footage. Witnessed the aftermath from tornadoes, hurricanes, fires, floods and other disasters tearing apart communities. Families are displaced, having lost their home, livelihood and even loved ones. What happens next? For many Adventist Community Services (ACS) Disaster Response.

The ACS network of trained volunteers respond across the North American Division (NAD) offering services, goods and a caring heart. Adventist expertise has traditionally focused on leading and operating the warehouses where donated goods are sent to be sorted, inventoried, and distributed to the affected community. Recent years have seen the Adventist role expand to meet a variety of needs such as sheltering, delivery of goods, rebuilding communities, and providing Emotional and Spiritual Care support.

When YOU give, together we TOUCH Hearts and TRANSFORM communities.

We want to thank everyone for your dedicated support to Adventist Community Services, whether it is through sacrificial giving, volunteering, or prayers.

Disaster and Famine Relief Offering – May 11, 2024

Church Resources:
Famine & Relief Offering Flyer