Camp Fire Ravages California

November 13, 2018
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California Fires Update – November 27

The California fires this year have been declared as the deadliest fires in the history of the State. Even though the Southern California Woolsey fire and the Paradise Camp Fire in Northern California have been completely contained, they have left several individuals, families, and communities in crisis.

Charlene Sargent, Pacific Union Conference ACS Director, and her Team have been leading out in the Recovery Efforts in both Northern and Southern California. They are currently positioned at the Operations Center, where they are meeting the needs of those affected by providing shelter and other necessities. All of the counties affected by the fires are utilizing only local assistance. Volunteers from outside the affected counties are asked not to deploy at this time. The North American Division ACS is working with ACS personnel in the California conferences on providing financial support for the purchase of kitchen kits.

If you wish to donate to the Recovery Efforts in Northern or Southern California, please click here: NCC Paradise Camp Fire, SCC Disaster Relief Fund Woolsey Fire.

Please continue to pray for the survivors and responders of these devastating fires.

The camp fire that started in Butte County, Northern California, last Thursday (November 8) spread rapidly moving into the town of Paradise and surrounding areas. The Fire which has destroyed 125,000 acres of land and taken the lives of over 40 people still continue to rage. Several homes, schools, churches, and hospitals have been decimated. The Feather River Adventist Hospital was able to safely evacuate patients and transfer them to other facilities before being damaged. Two Adventist churches and a section of the Paradise Academy campus were burned down. The Paradise SDA Church has a membership of 1500 with a high school adjacent to the church. The Magalia Upper Ridge SDA Church has 150 members. The Fire which has pretty much devastated the towns of Paradise and Magalia in Northern California is considered to be the deadliest in the history of California.

The Northern California ACS Disaster Response Team, led by Jim Oliver, has been working diligently to help those in crisis in response to the recent Camp fire. Texas ACS Directors, Marshall and Julie Gonzales, are also lending their support to the Relief Efforts. Our churches in Oroville and Chico have opened their doors to evacuees. The Chico SDA Church has been approved by American Red Cross (ARC) as a shelter, but right now is assisting the victims with blankets, towels, toiletries, clothes, and etc. Residents are able to stay at other Sunday churches in Chico that are set up as shelters with the ARC. Southern California is also experiencing fires, as well. The Woolsey Fire has affected Ventura and Los Angeles counties. Our Pacific Union DR Coordinator Charlene Sargent and her Team are on the ground managing the situation there.

Please pray for the families who have lost loved ones, and for the safety of the survivors and responders.

Click here to help with the Northern California Paradise Fire relief.

Click here to help with the Southern California Woolsey Fire relief.