Celebrating 50 Bermudaful ACS years!

April 23, 2024
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“Now is the time to step off the sidelines. Get involved and change the game.”

– Dr. Kenneth Manders, Bermuda Conference President

Despite the look of paradise in Bermuda, there are real needs lying just below the surface, as many struggle with issues such as the high cost of living and generational poverty. ACS volunteers have been walking alongside those affected since 1974 when the ACS Federation first formed and recently celebrated 50 years of service on the island.

The strong conference and pastoral support for serving the suffering shows with an active ACS team at each of the 11 Adventist churches on the island. Programs range from food and clothing distribution, GED classes and grief ministries.

The consistency of service bore fruit in 2020. Amid a strict COVID lockdown on the island, when residents could only travel within a 1-mile radius of their home, the Bermuda government reached out to ACS Director, Dora Baker to ask for her help. Sister Dora organized her teams to pick up and deliver food to many who would have gone hungry otherwise.

The quick and effective response of the ACS team continued to build trust with country leaders and truly “put them on the map.”

The ACS 50th Anniversary was celebrated with a 4-day event that included learning and serving together. Bermuda President, Elder Kenneth Manders kicked off the celebration on Wednesday evening with a devotional recognizing that Jesus was a game changer and ACS does the same for our communities. He encouraged us all to step out when we see a need, make people a priority, trust in God and follow Jesus relentlessly.

Thursday was filled with workshops, but not before an inspiring message by the Bermuda Treasurer, Robert Patterson who based a devotion on the story of the Good Samaritan. “Compassion is measured by the obstacles that must be overcome in order to exercise it,” Elder Patterson shared. Who is our neighbor?…”Our neighbor is every soul wounded and bruised by the adversary.”

The island celebrated as well as the ACS team took Friday to serve in various capacities across Bermuda. This included all churches coming together to offer food to over 250 households.

Two members of the original ACS Federation were present to celebrate and reminisced about the original movement, which included the team traveling to NAD ACS meetings in full uniform. This made such a statement that they were given first priority to board the airplane.

Please join us in the celebration of consistent and meaningful service. As Elder Manders

Shared, “now is the time to step off the sidelines. Get involved and change the game.”