ACS Teams in Bermuda Continue to Serve Communities Through Various Ministries

November 8, 2022
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ACS teams in Bermuda have demonstrated Christian diligence in serving the vulnerable during the COVID-19 pandemic whose effects continue to be felt in the community. While there may be some individuals who have regained employment, their earning is not sufficient to cover all their financial needs, considering the debts they incurred while they were unemployed. There is also a rise in homelessness and the Bermuda Housing and Corporation is overwhelmed with requests for affordable housing for this vulnerable population.

ACS leaders and volunteers from the churches below have responded to various calls for assistance from food needs to financial aid through various ministries. Besides serving meals, they continue to provide food hampers or food vouchers during their scheduled ministry day or as needed. Free GED programs have also been made available to those who wished to complete their high school education. 


  • Hamilton and St. David’s churches – prepare and serve cooked meals every Wednesday
  • St. George’s Church – prepares and serves meals to the community every Thursday
  • Pembroke – provides cooked meals to the homeless
  • Southampton – serves cooked meals to the community once every month. From time to time, cooked meals are provided outside of this schedule.
  • Rockaway Church collaborates with Hamilton Church to provide cooked meals to the community.
  • Warwick Church – provides cooked meals to the community every Tuesday
  • Somerset Church – provides cooked meals to the community every Wednesday.
  • On a quarterly basis, Buzz provides 500 meals which are distributed to the community. Ten of their eleven churches participate in this program.


  • They have three well-functioning centers offering free GED classes. The students are receiving both academic and financial support until graduation.
  • The churches participating in the GED programs are Southampton, Hamilton, and St. David’s.


  • Most of the local churches now offer free clothing to the community from their community center.


  • More recently ACS Bermuda joined forces with the Grief Ministry of Midland Heights Church. Under the leadership of Sis Muriel Williams, this ministry is very active in visiting and providing emotional support to those who have experienced loss in any form.
  • In December 2021, eighty grieving families received fruit baskets delivered to them by the Grief Ministry team members who also prayed with them. The team continues to follow up with the bereaved through the year to provide much needed emotional support.