ACS Responds to Tornadoes in Ohio

June 6, 2019
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Another Midwest State affected by tornadoes is Ohio. Currently, our Allegheny West ACS DR Coordinator Andrew Mobley is leading out the Recovery Efforts on the ground in Dayton. He has been in contact with the Ohio VOAD and attends the Conference calls daily. He has been asked to be on standby to manage a Warehouse/and or Distribution Site close to the affected area. Andrew continues to assess the situation with his ACS Director Jerome Hurst.

Additionally, Andrew is investigating to determine if our Emotional & Spiritual Care Providers are needed to supplement those affected. ACS has also reached out to the Good Neighbor House through their Executive Director Tom Oujukka, as a possible resource to the community. He has agreed to lend support to our Efforts, and a plan is currently being formulated. The Kettering Medical has also reached out to us, and they are also being incorporated into the plan as we move forward.