ACS Responds to Mass Shooting – El Paso and Dayton

August 7, 2019
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Update – August 8, 2019

The Family Assistance Center in El Paso has been serving those affected by the shooting. Yesterday, the Center helped over 200 people. The city officials informed the leadership within the Disaster Response community that they would be taking over the operation. Though this did not affect our work on the ground much, another event took place that had a very definite impact on the operation. President Trump had decided to visit both Dayton and El Paso today. However, several residents were against this visit and a protest was set up at the Walmart where the shooting took place in Texas. Many of those that were expected to visit the Center decided to go and voice their opinions at the protest. Hence, today’s numbers were around 50. The team was not deterred in the least, and our Emotional and Spiritual Care Providers gave assistance to those that did visit the facility.

Our Disaster Response Team met with the Mexican Consulate this morning to ascertain how we might be of more help to the Latino population at large that live both Stateside and across the border. It is believed that some of those injured may not be coming for help because of their legal status. Regardless of this situation, our team members were ready to help all those who were in need of our services and this point was stressed repeatedly. Our current team will be in place for the remainder of this week. We have planned a second team to be used starting Sunday who will continue to render care to those affected. Our Care Providers have been observed and well-appreciated by those receiving services, as well as members of the Disaster Response Community.

Derrick Lea, Director of Adventist Community Services Disaster Response, met with American Red Cross and Emergency Management contacts overseeing the Family Assistance Center for families affected by the horrific shootings in El Paso, Texas. A team of ACS bi-lingual Emotional & Spiritual Care providers were approved and vetted to assist and support the individuals and families experiencing great trauma. In addition, Andrew Mobley, Adventist Community Services Director of Allegheny West Conference has reached out to the local leadership in Dayton, Ohio and has a team on stand-by. Read more here!

Please pray for the ACS teams as well as the families that are suffering due to this tragedy.