ACS Responds to Hurricane Dorian

September 9, 2019
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As Hurricane Dorian was developing and threatening the East Coast, ACS Teams were ready and on stand-by to serve survivors as needed.

The South Atlantic Conference team opened a shelter in Orangeburg, SC. There were around 150 people housed on their campground until they were able to return safely home.

Florida and Southeastern Conferences opened collection centers throughout the state to receive goods that would help those affected by the storm. Letter from the President of Southeastern Conference.

Carolina and Georgia-Cumberland Conferences stood by ready and waiting for touchdown of the hurricane in parts of their area.

We are thankful that the Hurricane did not wreak havoc in the North American Division territory, and we praise God that even though most of our conferences were unaffected, our teams were ready and prepared for the worst.

Click here for more information from The South Bahamas Conference and how you can help.

We appreciate all your prayers and support.