ACS responds in Saipan

August 25, 2015
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North American Division Adventist Community Services is on the ground in Saipan responding to the needs after a powerful typhoon hit the island in early August. Saipan was hit by typhoon Soudelor on August 2 with sustained winds of over 120 mph. More than 1000 homes have been destroyed and many businesses damaged. Approximately 24,000 people still have no access to clean water and electricity.

Today NAD ACS is working with other NGO’s to set up a warehouse and start distributing relief supplies. ADRA International is partnering with NAD ACS in the response.

NAD ACS has obtained access to a 10,000 square foot warehouse to use as a distribution center to meet the needs of the people in Saipan who are struggling to recover from the typhoon that hit the island in early August. Today they will be starting to set up the distribution center and work with other local NGO’s in filling the warehouse with supplies for distribution. Local Adventist members will help by manning the distribution center and helping to sort the supplies.