ACS Responds to Catastrophic Flooding in Montana

June 30, 2022
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On June 13, 2022, catastrophic flooding due to heavy rainfall and rapid snowmelt resulted in the closure of Yellowstone National Park with over 10,000 tourists evacuated. The unprecedented flooding has caused massive destruction in several surrounding communities in Southwest Montana. Road closures, collapsed bridges, damage to homes and property are forcing residents to evacuate. The Montana Conference ACS Disaster Response team has been engaged in the Recovery Efforts under the coordination of ACS Director, Gabriele Miranda-Laub.

A group of volunteers led by ACS trained member, Sheila Elwin, helped clean out areas in Livingston that were flooded and distributed 5-gallon flood buckets filled with cleaning supplies. The Southwest Montana COAD organized a Multi-Agency Resource Center (MARC) at the Livingston Fairgrounds where people could come and get information for help from various organizations, including the State of Montana and FEMA. A MARC was also held in Gardiner last Sabbath where buckets donated by a local company were distributed.

Pastor Carlile and church members from the Billings and Bridger churches responded in the Red Lodge and Fromberg areas. Hundred flood buckets filled with cleaning supplies donated by the Upper Columbia Conference, and 200 blankets as well as some comfort kits were distributed in Fromberg. “The buckets represent a collaborative effort of ACS, Pathfinders, and NPUC Disaster Response Coordinator. Thank you to Richie Brower and Pathfinders, Larry Mays (NPUC Disaster Response Coordinator), and others who assisted in filling these buckets several months ago in readiness of such a disaster occurring,” stated Patty Marsh, ACS Director of Upper Columbia Conference.

“I want to thank all of the volunteers, as well as the Upper Columbia Conference, that have been serving in our conference and state. ‘In Christ’s name’…is what we do. God Bless each one of you, stated Miranda-Laub.

Let us keep the affected communities in prayer as they cope with this tragedy.

The Red Lodge community inundated by recent Montana flooding. Photo Credit: Chris Sullivan, NBC Montana.