ACS DR Teams Coordinate Relief Efforts in the Pacific Northwest

October 1, 2020
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ACS Disaster Response continues to provide relief to those who have been affected by the tragic fires in the Pacific Northwest. The North Pacific Union Conference and Oregon Conference ACS leaders have secured two Warehouses in Oregon. A team of ACS DR volunteers from the South Central Conference have arrived to start work at the Warehouse in Salem. Prior to their arrival, they visited a couple of the Distribution Sites in Lincoln City which are essential to get supplies out to the community. Since Oregon has never experienced a disaster of this magnitude, we were asked by the State if they could accompany the team to Lincoln City to educate the locals on how to set up a Distribution Site. We also have a team from the Rocky Mountain Conference who started operations today at the Warehouse in Grants Pass. These individuals will train local teams in Management Operations enabling them to operate on their own and to be able to function solely with local support.

We are in communication with the ACS leadership of the Northern California and Central California conferences who are engaged in the relief efforts in response to the numerous deadly fires that have caused extensive damage and evacuation of a number of communities in various areas of the State. Some of these areas are heavily populated by Seventh-day Adventists, and we will continue to support the efforts on the ground as the situation develops. Additionally, our Florida Conference is now responding to those affected by Hurricane Sally by opening a Warehouse in Pensacola, Florida.

Let us continue to remember those who have been affected by these disasters, as well as those who are responding to them.