ACS DR in Oregon Responds to Fire Tragedy

September 14, 2020
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States in the Pacific Northwest are the latest to be struck by raging fires. NAD ACS is in communication with the North Pacific Union Conference ACS leadership on how to best assist the affected communities. Upper Columbia Conference ACS DR has received a request from Spokane Regional Health District for volunteers to assist at the Spokane Convention Center which is housing evacuees.

In the state of Oregon, small fires that started September 7th night in the Clackamas County last week continued to spread rapidly. The county had suggested using the Gladstone Campground as an evacuation site for RVs. Laura Pascoe, the executive director of PACS, and Andy Villanueva, ACS DR director of Oregon Conference, got together with the leadership at the conference to make it happen. The campground is currently housing over 125 RVs and trailers.

Every day more and more residents from the community are showing up asking for help. “When someone drives up and asks, ‘Do you still have room for us?’ and we say yes, you can see the relief come over them. Today is a crazy day, but because we’re able to help our neighbors, it’s a great day, too,” said Villanueva. Several people from the community are also dedicating their time and services to bring relief to those affected. Volunteers are leading evacuees into RV spots. Donations of food, water, children’s board games, coloring books, and crayons have come in for evacuees. A truckload of food was brought in by the owners of Hue Vegan Cafe. On September 11th and 14th morning, free pancakes were distributed thanks to Chris Cakes Northwest. World Central Kitchen has also delivered food today for all the evacuees and volunteers.


The Gladstone Park evacuation site is requesting not to send food or other physical donations at this time. If you would like to help, you can donate to a fund to provide needed supplies at the evacuation site. Donate to the “Oregon ACS- Wildfire” Fund at this link.


The evacuation site at the Gladstone Campground is looking for several volunteers this week. If you are willing and able to pitch in, please fill out a volunteer form provided at this link, or call our volunteer hotline at (971) 350-8109.

For news and updates, please visit the Gladstone Campground Facebook page.


Let us remember to keep the families of those affected by the deadly fires in prayer, as well as those who are providing relief.