ACS DR Update Around the Division

1. Northern California Conference - W. Derrick Lea, NAD ACS Disaster Response director, and our new NCC ACS director James Lim, visited four churches within the conference this week, that were situated in proximity to the Camp Fire that occurred in November 2018. Each night they offered insight into how members can get connected and engaged in work that takes place after a crisis event. It was encouraging and heartening to see the positive response of the church members in willing to respond to disasters affecting their community by partnering with the local conference.

2. South Central Conference - The Conference ACS DR Co-director Barbara Barnes, toured the Hunters Mountain Estate Mobile Park in Troy, Alabama where a tornado hit on Sunday, April 14. Several homes were completely demolished. The devastation of the city was evident by pockets of areas with uprooted trees and other tornado aftermaths. Barbara talked and prayed with survivors who were digging and sorting out personal belongings. She also reached out to the wife of Pr. Marion Johnson, senior pastor of Troy SDA Church located in the area. A local Baptist church has started collecting and distributing goods. The North MS ACS Federation will be in coordination with MEMA and/or MS VOAD to see if ACS can partner with them.

3. Southwestern Union - The Southwestern Union ACS has been busy assisting their community, as well.

  • ACS directors, Marshall and his wife Julieta, responded to a help request from a local agency to help migrants at the Border crossing into Texas. They drove their ACS box truck carrying seven pallets of clothes, blankets, and hygiene kits that they had collected, to Eagle Pass. For the last eight years, Methodist churches in the Texas Hill Country have been organizing a clothing drive during Lent and donating them to ACS. After Marshall and Julie dropped off the items in Eagle Pass, they picked up donated clothes from six of the 15 churches. The Union’s transportation department will pick up clothes from the rest of the churches. In Johnson City, the members of the Methodist church had heard about what our ACS leaders had done in Eagle Pass and thanked them for their assistance, and also prayed for them.

  • On April 12, six tornados ripped through Central and East Texas destroying the communities of Franklin and Alto. The officials in Franklin are still assessing the situation and will get in touch with ACS if need be. In Alto, a Warehouse has been set up under the leadership of Mario Escobar. On Monday, Mario and Marshall distributed 216 cleaning buckets with contents, 1200 hygiene kits, and a pallet of sanitary paper to the affected community.

  • Southwestern ACS continues to work with the Volunteer Center in Refugio in response to Hurricane Harvey. They have had two homes re-roofed so far, and will work on more homes in the future. The supplies and materials utilized for this Rebuild Program is funded by ACS.