ACS Disaster Response Update

The North American Division ACS DR Team has been partnering with the Southern Union and Southwestern Union to assist with Recovery Efforts in the aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria that has left many communities in devastation. We are also collaborating with the Columbia Union as they begin Relief work in response to the recent Ellicott City flooding. Each of these entities have received financial support from the Division for the purchase of equipment and other needed supplies for the long-term Rebuild program.

The Florida Conference retained many of its new purchases to be used for Disaster Response. Trailers that will be used for future DR activities when the need arises, have been retrofitted to house medical equipment that can be utilized to provide health services throughout the year. A 25,000 sq. ft. tent was also purchased that will be used as shelter, office space, and other needs that arise over the course of the year. "Making better use of our resources is laying the foundation for us to be a real benefit to the community we serve," stated W. Derrick Lea, NAD ACS DR Director. 

In addition to the Rebuild program set in place for Irma-affected communities, our first ACS DR Union Instructor Course 'Powerful, Purposeful Presentations' was offered at the Southern Union this month from July 6-8. Approximately 50 individuals attended a full weekend of Instruction from our new Collections Center course to Sheltering Fundamentals. This ended with around 20 selected individuals beginning the certification process to become a DR Instructor by taking the foundational course that will be given in each Union over the next ten months. 

The Greater New York Conference ACS has recently received and placed in operation a shower van that will be available for use during Disaster Recovery efforts and other needed times. This will expand the number of such units we have around the Division and lead to more efficient use of our resources.