ACS DR Advisory 2018

The ACS Disaster Response personnel around the North American Division gathered together in Providence, Rhode Island on May 6-7 for the annual DR Advisory just before the National VOAD Conference. There were around 50 individuals present to discuss new initiatives and share some of the work that is taking place around the Division and beyond. 

One of the initiatives discussed was a new course offering Delivering Powerful, Purposeful Presentations. In partnership with the NAD Education Department, this course was created as one of the requirements for our DR Instructors that will better prepare them to offer classes to ensure the best possible services throughout the Division. It will be offered over the next year in various locations in each Union to those interested in becoming or remaining certified Instructors. An overview of our Warehouse Management System, Flowtrac, was given by Dan Hoover. He talked about the system operations, and the many adjustments that have been made to deal with some of the realities on the ground. We will be working on putting together a training program to support Flowtrac in Conferences around the Division. 

Dan Weber, NAD Communications Director, presented a Communications perspective that should lead to increasing our ability to inform others of the great work our teams are participating in in their areas. Simple suggestions like how to take a picture and how to set up relationships with the media can increase the exposure of the assistance our Church is offering to others. One of the National VOAD Board members, April Woods, thanked the attendees for their partnership and participation throughout the year. She spoke of the benefit of coming together to help the community.

The Advisory ended with each Union taking the opportunity to speak through their Conference Leads. Hearing the tremendous work ACS DR is participating in in so many different areas of service was extremely encouraging to all. From Warehouse Operations to Sheltering to Feeding programs to Rebuilding work, the discussion was exciting and showed the heartfelt dedication of our people. Everyone present was truly appreciative of this opportunity where they could gather together to discuss how their efforts can be combined to increase the service we are able to give to others in our community.