Special Acknowledgement - Everlean Williams

Everlean Williams, one of our long-time Community Services volunteers, passed away on February 15, 2018 at age 101. Mrs. Williams was one of the pioneers of Dorcas Ministry/Community Services who has contributed over 60 years of service to God and humanity. Her love of service and commitment to community began during her working years and has continued during her retirement. 

She was actively involved in helping the sick and needy through food and clothes distribution, cash donations, hospital visits, and witnessing to many about the good news of salvation. She also assisted with the Soup Kitchen preparing healthy meals for the community. In addition, Mrs. Williams dedicated her time to older adult programs and children's groups. She volunteered at the Westside Senior Day Center and Bethel Community Senior Citizens' Center providing assistance with activity and meal programs. She also volunteered at the Sharon Junior Academy and Clark Street School tutoring children and helping with school programs. As a "substitute grandma" she served as a role model for young African American girls.

Everlean Williams.png

Mrs. Williams has received many awards during her years of service to the community. She was recognized by the SDA Lake Region Conference Chicagoland Community Services Federation, as well as her home church Sharon SDA Church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. "My sister in Christ truly loved our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and she loved serving his People! Her greatest desire is to be saved and help her family and others to be saved," said Donnie M. Williams, Chicagoland ACS Federation Liaison.

Mrs. Williams believed that a vision for a better world is made possible by volunteering in all places for as long as you can. All of this is even more commendable as she entirely depended on public transportation to meet her numerous volunteer commitments.

Let us keep the Williams family in our thoughts and prayers!