Spreading Christmas Cheer Through Handmade Caps

Jason D. Morgan and his wife retired from the Air Force after 27 years of service. Jason served as bodyguard to Four-star Generals and was also involved in other sensitive military tasks all over the world. On weekends he had his own band 'Missing Stateside'. He is also the nephew of Sarah Palin. They recently moved into the same neighborhood as Patty Marsh, Upper Columbia Conference ACS Director. Patty and her husband, Larry, met them a few weeks ago while on their walk as the couple was moving in. Somewhere in the conversation Jason mentioned that he loves to knit winter caps. Patty came up with a wonderful idea of utilizing his creative skills to knit winter caps for the kids at STEAM Ahead and the food pantry in Spokane. Jason was so grateful for this opportunity and thanked Patty for providing a place and kids for him to share his handiwork. He said, "Let me know if you need me to knit up some more in a hurry!” He also expressed interest in attending the monthly county Disaster Response meetings with her. Patty stated, "You meet the most wonderful people as you give your best to bless others".