ACS Continues Work in Airway Heights

The Emergency Management in Spokane County had requested ACS to cover water distribution on Sunday, June 4, while the military was on a special training mission. They asked Latter Day Saints Church to cover on Sabbath as they did not want to disrupt our worship day.  

Duane Kraft, an 82-year-old gentleman from the Spokane Valley SDA Church, was one of the volunteers who dedicated their time and services on that day. "I was in church yesterday and they said they needed help and I thought I'd come," Kraft said. One of the youngest volunteers found on the scene was 16-year-old Philip Keer, who also decided to come out and help rather than spending time at home.

Leonard Westermeyer from Upper Columbia ACS is the Volunteer Coordinator who is in charge of the water distribution for Spokane County. Patty Marsh, UCC ACS Director, is extremely appreciative of Westermeyer’s strong leadership skills. 

Watch this video clip to get a glimpse of the work that ACS is doing.