ACS Responds to Missouri Floods

The State of Missouri experienced a sudden downpour over the past weekend that has resulted in devastating floods across the region. The weather continues to affect not only those living in Missouri, but also in Kansas and Arkansas. Approximately 400 homes have been inundated; and several roads, property, and businesses also have been heavily destroyed by this massive natural disaster.

ACS DR Teams have set up a Multi-agency Resource Center in the affected areas that is providing flood buckets, clean water, and other needed items. They were able to partner with other agencies such as “Gleaning for the World” which provided roughly $35,000 worth of blankets with lids to preserve personal items, clean water for drinking, blankets for warmth, and stuffed animals for the children who have been displaced or traumatized by the upheaval of the flood waters.  

The DR Teams toured the area of Joplin, MO, assessing the needs to ensure an effective response. They also distributed Storage Totes to members of the Neosho community whose homes were affected. They used a Penske Truck that had been donated to ACS DR Iowa Nebraska for the duration of the Recovery efforts.