Puerto Rico Hurricane Response

FEMA has set up a Warehouse in southern Florida for donations collected from military bases which will go towards the Hurricane survivors in Puerto Rico. The Warehouse, managed by Adventist Community Services DR Teams, has been in operation for about a month. Our Team led by South Central Conference is working hard to not only manage the products that are received, but continue to guide our Team Florida Conference personnel in the operation and management of the Warehouse. A few of our other Conferences are on standby for deployment. Plans are in place to include them in the Recovery effort towards the beginning of next year.

Additionally, FEMA has again requested that our services be ready for a possible Puerto Rico response, as well. Though this area is outside of our normal geographical response, the needs of those on the ground demand our knowledge, skills, and expertise in providing relief to the affected communities. Currently, we have placed a team on standby and await the request in the coming days. 

Click Here to view the news clip by the FOX/CBS crew.