Cimarron & Tina Borland's Horse Ministry

     My children and I help the neighbor with her mini horse farm. Every year, the horses have babies and my daughters and I help halter and lead rope train them, and get them used to being handled. In 2008, a little colt was born and we happened to come to the barn about 15 minutes after the birth occurred. I entered the stall and gently approached Lacey, the mom, and the baby. He was dark brown and white, and he nosed us as we pet him. I fell in love with the little guy so my husband and the owner, Karen Johnson, presented the colt to me as a gift. I prayed that God would bless my gift and show me what to do with him. I had a dream that I took him to a nursing home. So the next day, I called the nearest nursing home to see if they would be interested and they loved the idea. My daughter Kellie, and I started to train Cimarron for his new job.

     October 9, 2009 was our first unscheduled visit to the nursing home. We walked down the back hall and put him on the elevator to the offices on the first floor. I said a prayer as we walked up to an aide who was pushing a woman in a wheelchair, unable to predict if Cimarron was ready for the residents. Cimarron walked right up to Patty in her wheelchair, and laid his head in her lap. He let out a sigh as her hands wildly wiped over his eyes, and all my worries were wiped away as I watched God’s love show through His tiny horse and as Patty freely accepted His gift. Cimarron visited everyone with a quiet greeting of love. Some residents hugged him, while others cried, as I watched with wonder. It's a small thing to share, but the love that God showed through this horse was amazing!  

     We have taken Cimarron all over Erie county in Pennsylvania. Cimarron gives children rides at the fair and the money donated is given to the Erie SDA church's community project. As Cimarron got noticed, people began to ask for him for birthday parties. The proceeds would be turned into the church except for $50 from each event would be set aside for Cimarron’s needs, such as halters, a saddle or anything he needed for the horse ministry.

You can't explain the feeling you get when you see the love that is exchanged by the horse and visitor. God's love is amazing!  - Shared by Tina Borland