Closing of Baton Rouge Distribution Center

The Distribution Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana will be closing operations effective October 31, 2016. On behalf of the Southwest Region Conference President Calvin Watkins, Church Ministries Director Elder Durandel Ford, Sr., ADRA International, as well as the North American Division Adventist Community Services, we want to express our sincere gratitude to all those involved for their dedicated support and assistance in the Recovery efforts of the Louisiana floods. 

It has been a pleasure not only to serve, but also collaborate with other individuals and organizations. A huge appreciation goes out to the following: Irene Williams; Lyn Hykeem; Area Seventh-day Adventist Churches; Sung Kwon; Elizabeth Tomenko; Lavida Whitson; W. Derrick Lea; Pr. William Little and the Nashville Area S.D.A. Churches; Nashville, Tenn. YMCA; Royliene Johnson; Pr. Michael Bailey, Sr.; Portia Perkins; Evelyn Edwards; FEMA; Salvation Army; VOAD; State of Louisiana; T. Ron Weegar; Mildred Dunn and her staff; Brenda Clark and staff; Vendetta Smith and staff; Theresa Paris and her staff; Elder Benjamin Francois and staff; Sherlette Burkhalter and staff; Lucinda Keller; Pr. Robert Davis; Pr. Alfred Booker; Westbank United S.D.A. Church Van & Pr. David Hinds and his staff; Pr. Eliot Brooks; Charlene Thompson and her staff; H. and H. Equipment of Baton Rouge; Clio Place Baptist Church & Pastor Sherman L. Hughes, Sr.; ARK- LA- TEX; American Red Cross; Mediannites; The Baptist Associations; Mormons; and many others. 

We would also like to thank Mr. Freddy Lawrence for his patience and expertise in the area of record keeping for the Grant that supported the victims, volunteers, and management of services of the "Great Flood of Louisiana 2016". Let us continue to keep all those who are still being affected by this tragedy and also others affected by such weather-related events.